What is a Castor Oil Therapy?

Castor oil therapy has been used for centuries to promote healing in the body and more specifically the reproductive system. There are literally hundreds of uses for castor oil.

Castor Oil packs can be a great natural and holistic supportive and relaxing therapy and is one of the most effective treatments you can do at home to increase your own natural fertility and can be used to improve ovarian health; fallopian tube health; uterine health and detoxifying before conception, it can also be used to improve liver function, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and to improve digestion.

The function of the pack is to improve blood flow, which is why they are very successful when used to assist natural detox and can also aid weight loss.

Packs should not be used if you are pregnant or when menstruating. Especially beneficial for women with endometriosis, fibroids, polysystic ovary syndrome (POS), blocked fallopian tubes and heavy menstrual periods.

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