Castor Oil Therapy Pack

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Added: Wednesday 03 December, 2014.
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What Does The Therapy Pack Contain?

Your pack contains the following:
100ml cold pressed castor oil (comes in plastic safety bottle and not glass as shown in photo)
1 mini hot water bottle
1 flannel cloth
1 plastic sheet to cover flannel when in use
1 plastic storage bag to store flannel
Full instructions
This pack is sufficient for approx 10 applications

Comes packed in a strong box

*Disclaimer: Castor oil therapy is holistic and complimentary, we do not promote it as a miracle cure for any condition
If you have a known pre existing ailment or are receiving conventional treatment for an illness please take advise from your GP before embarking upon this treatment
Castor oil therapy must not be used during pregnancy or during your period
Do not use on children

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